Pelican Shrine—July


July’s Baba Yaga is focused on one of the birds most commonly associated with her, the pelican. I had long known I wanted to make a shrine involving a pelican, and I was originally going to order a pre-made shrine blank for this piece, but then I backed away for awhile and just let the bird figure sit by itself. Finally, I was in a thrift store and saw this (formerly) white shelf—I knew it was perfect! I looked at some Russian folk art motifs to get ideas for the decorations on the sides and top and then just free-handed them, keeping within the folk art aesthetic. The skull helps further tie the piece to Baba Yaga, as that is one of her other primary symbols. I even used some corks from another recent art project to make the feet on the bottom. I am very pleased with this piece and it turned out to be a bright spot during a fairly dark time.











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