Sugar Egg Hut—March

sugar egg

My Baba Yaga for March was directly inspired by vintage sugar eggs with little scenes inside. I found the egg (this one is made of Styrofoam and had some plastic daffodils in it) at a thrift store and the worn little chick came out of a box of old family decorations.

chick hut

I made the little amanitas out of paperclay and liberally dusted everything with German glass glitter. I like the idea of, instead of just chicken legs, having an entire chicken as the base for the hut.

sugar egg closeup

I did a slapdash paint job on everything because those vintage decorations that inspired me were often made with imperfectly painted details and I wanted to capture that general feel.

Interestingly, the egg occasionally appears in Baba Yaga folktales, often as something called a “death egg”. It essentially holds the life force of Baba Yaga or some of the other characters that appear in the tales (the male character Koschei, or a dragon) and if it is broken, that character dies.


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