Velvet Elk Brooch

This project has been knocking around my crafting table for several months now and I finally got around to putting it together.



It’s a simple brooch made of layers of fabric scraps, including a vintage doily, a piece of velvet, a bit of a man’s 70s tie, and topped with a piece of antler decorated with a metal elk with red rhinestone eyes. Originally, the antler ornament was on a bolo tie and likely belonged to a gentleman who was a member of the fraternal order of the B.P.O.E (Benevolent and Protective Order) Elks, an organization that still exists today, but was especially popular in mid century America. The elk’s neck had “B.P.O.E Elks” on it in raised letters, but I covered it with a bit of velvet. The finished piece puts me in mind of the Bavarian charivari hunting pins often worn on backpacks or hats in Germany.

As for Baba Yaga, I am moving towards finishing my November offering. Here is a sneak preview:



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