Amanita Chicken Legs—October

DSC02707 (2)

DSC02708 (2)
“Amanita Chicken Legs” vintage wallpaper, cardboard, paper picnic bowl, paper clay. Oct 2015

Baba Yaga is a forest witch and depictions of her often include the ubiquitous amanita muscaria. Here I took the concept of the chicken-legs and put a mushroom house on top of them. This is a deceptively simple looking piece but it gave me no end of trouble. Initially I built the mushroom around a recycled plastic bottle, but that proved to be too heavy for the paper clay chicken legs, even with a copper mesh armature inside (and I have one word to describe copper mesh–“ouch”! It’s brutal on the fingers. They recommend gloves when you use it, but then it’s hard to properly work with it…). Finally I just tore it all apart in frustration and started over. I built the tube hollow and stuffed it with a little kraft paper. Still a bit wobbly but much better!

Since it’s Halloween I’ve got to share a picture of my cat pumpkins as well:

DSC02710 (2)

Happy All Hallow’s Eve!!


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